posted 5 Nov 2009, 05:12 by Harry Cooke
[Distiller Records]
Released: 26th October 2009

by Jack Baron

Bristol Based bands The Chemists first release form their debut album "The Theories Of Dr Lovelock" opens with a choppy guitar riff and a bass drum thump before opening up into what sounds a little like a FeederFoo Fighters inspired pop-rock song. Lyrically "Milk and Honey" deals with the tale of a deluded man whose girlfriend has left him and he can't understand why. He seems to think he is the bees knees which is echoed in the main line of the chorus where Jonny Benn sings "You've got it all, why would you want more" as well as admitting that they are "Hardly John and Yoko".

Overall this is a melodic guitar track with a nice scuzzy vocal and a definite ear for a good pop tune but there feels like there is something missing to this track which leads it to feel slightly lightweight. To be honest I really don't dislike this tune at all, it just doesn't seem to draw more into it as much as it possibly could do. A solid start for The Chemists nether the less.