The Chemists - Theories of Dr. Lovelock

posted 18 Nov 2009, 08:09 by Harry Cooke
[Distiller Records]
Released: 2nd November 2009

by Leon Rightback

A spoken word intro to an album isn't that uncommon, OK it doesn't happen all the time but it's not the first time that it's been done. When it's 
Richard E Grant whose doing the speaking then it is very uncommon! This spoken word passage leads into album opener "This City" which mirrors Grants words as it's opening line. The song deals with what happens when drink, drugs, jet lag and hookers all come together in Hong Kong, as experienced through front man Jonny Benn firsthand.

First single from the album 
"Milk and Honey" comes up next. Again this has a strong theme running through the lyrics of lost love by a man who thinks he is the best thing in the world for a woman. This feels a little like a Feeder song to be honest with a steady pummeling beat and rather nondescript guitar sounds. Many of the albums lyrics deal with lost love or unrequited love which makes the listener wonder if this in autobiographical or are these characters that have been created by the band to write songs about.

The stand out track on the album by a country mile is 
"Hear Our Song" which will be familiar to anyone out there who may have caught a glimpse of Sky TV's rugby union coverage over the last few months. A uptempo song which really lets loose during the chorus and feels like it is straining at the leash to be let out during the verse. This is a genuine catchy pop-rock song that will get you nodding your head along with the music. This is immediately followed up with the anthemic "Something For The Weekend" with it's catchy and uptempo lyrics.

To be honest, I am feeling very unsure about what the band wants to be. On one hand they have songs that hook driven guitar songs that make you think of 
Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age and on the other the bands seem to be trying to squash sounds together in a mixer that just doesn't sound any good at all.

Richard E Grant makes another appearance on the 13th track "Outro" which nicely brings the album full circle and bookends the album of all the bands original material. There is a 14th and final track which is quite  good cover of Britney Spears Toxic. As well as having a Britney Spears cover and Richard E Grant appear on the album, the title of the album, "Theories Of Dr. Lovelock" is more than a tad unusual. The Dr. Lovelock in question was a real man and not a fictional character who was an indiependent scientist for his Gaia hypothesis, in which he postulates that the Earth functions as a sort of super organism. 

In all some good songs but at fourteen tracks long this album is a little on the long side with some songs feeling a little more than filler on here. Maybe some of these tracks could have been reworked by the band and used on a later release or even used as b-sides for singles. On the other hand the album feels quite raw and full of energy which makes me want to see what the band are like live... and if they will do the 
Britney cover!