The Chemists – This City

posted 2 Apr 2010, 04:59 by Joe Richardson   [ updated 2 Apr 2010, 05:03 ]

[Distiller Records]

Released: 29th March 2010

by Fred Palmer

With a raw, passionate sound, catchy lyrics and a surreal music video starring Richard E Grant as a befuddled robot man, The Chemists burst onto the scene with their new EP “This City”, which follows the release of their debut albumThe Theories of Dr. Lovelock several months ago.

 The Chemists represent a refreshing return to rock in its purest form – frontman Johnny Benn’s vocals are sharp and penetrating and the track’s belting guitar riffs, thumping drum beats and dark, angry lyrics contribute to the single’s raw, edgy tone, creating a sound that is reminiscent of both Editors and Doves only starker and heavier.

 The chorus stands out as a truly infectious piece of lyrical craftsmanship and the oddball music video is also worth a mention, with its clever crosscutting between a live band performance and Mr Grant’s eccentric method acting, culminating in the latter crashing the live set as he attempts to find his robotic power source. It’s a fine ambassador for the single and also probably Richard E Grant’s second best film ever, after Withnail & I. By all means, give it a watch.

 To sum up,This City” proves to be a joyous return to basic rock, an asset of The Chemists that is difficult to ignore due to the sheer volume of samey indie pap that continues to dominate the music scene. Joyously aggressive and fantastically basic - keep your eye on these guys.