The Ghost Of A Thousand - Knees, Toes, Teeth

posted 4 Dec 2009, 05:53 by Harry Cooke
[Epitaph Records]
Released: 9th November 2009

by Leon Rightback

"Knees, Toes, Teeth"
 is the second single to come from Ghost Of A Thousand album  "New Hopes, New Demonstrations" and it is a monster of a track. Opening with a classic drum intro that has rock and roll influenced guitars piled straight on top that twist and writhe around as sing Tom Lacey screams "Rock and Roll is our religion" until he is horse. 
Everything about this track feels big. Big guitars, a big drum beat and a big solo combine to feel as if you are surrounded by a band who are intent on pummeling you into submission with their sound. A brilliant follow up single from 
Ghost Of A Thousand.