The Killers - Live From The Royal Albert Hall DVD

posted 9 Nov 2009, 06:50 by Harry Cooke

Leanda Newlyn

OK, so I start with a confession. I’m not actually reviewing the DVD, but the actual gig. I probably won’t buy the DVD – why? Read on.

The stage set was wonderfully Las Vegas, all palm trees and neon, no mistaking who was headlining tonight. I’d been tipped off, via the power of Twitter; that Jimmy Carr was going to be at the gig. No-one mentioned he was the warm-up act though! His wonderfully dry humour on the evening got us laughing, and he instigated a truly awesome Mexican wave, which developed a will of its own circling round and round the Royal Albert Hall.

Audience suitably warmed up, Brandon swaggered on in his feather shouldered jacket and the band opened with ‘Human’ and despite slightly off vocals, the crowd lapped up the atmosphere and gave a resounding welcome. There was fantastic audience participation from the offset, lighting great too, obviously filming for a DVD. ‘This Is Your Life’ followed, but by now it was obvious the balance was all wrong. We could hardly hear Dave’s guitar and the vocals sounded awful. Beginning to think that the sound quality has been sacrificed for the DVD…..

Somebody Told Me’ thundered in next, sound balance didn’t matter as everyone was up and singing along with Brandon throwing in some Freddie Mercury style improvisation with the audience singing back. Sadly ‘This Is The World We Live In’ reminded everyone that that the balance was crap as they weren’t singing along, lots of people nipped off to the bar / loo at this point! And quite frankly they should have stayed there for ‘Joyride’ too. ‘I Can’t Stay’ built well but the mix was so bad it was getting depressing, the heat was building too, especially up in the circle/gods.

Excellent base guitar on ‘Bling (Confessions of a King)’ and ‘Shadowplay’ was a good cover (sound balance aside) then finally the audience came alive again with ‘Smile Like You Mean It’, and Brandon really picked up on the vibe after ‘Losing Touch’ when they played ‘Spaceman’, dancing on the speakers and praying to Mark.

A Dustland Fairytale’, ‘Read My Mind’, and ‘Sam’s Town’ all followed. With a crescendo of ‘Mr. Brightside / All These Things That I’ve Done’ finale that brought the house down and would have made a fantastic end to the evening, making up for the mediocre middle and dodgy sound mix, but there was more to come with an encore of ‘Bones’, ‘Jenny Was a Friend of Mine’ and ‘When You Were Young

So – to buy or not to buy, that is the question. My concern is over the sound quality. If it the same as we put up with on the night, I wouldn’t buy the DVD; as only being there as part of the audience, singing ‘Hot Fuss’ songs so loud the balance didn’t matter, would make up for it. And if the sound were great on the DVD, then as a fan that paid good money to be there on the night, I would feel rather put out that the sound was compromised in order to give the DVD the correct levels.

So if you are a big fan, weren’t there on the night, and the sound is good – buy the DVD. I won’t be.