The Panics - Get Us Home

posted 30 Oct 2009, 02:49 by Harry Cooke
[Publica Records]
Released: 26th October 2009

by Leon Rightback

The Panics
 are building a bit of a head of steam leading up to the release of "Get Us Home" which is the ands second single. Their first single "Don't Fight It" featured on Ugly Betty and Underbelly and they have had high profile support slots with the likes of MorrisseySupergrass and Grandaddy.

Get us Home opens with a swirling string arrangement that makes regular appearances throughout the track as well as the kind of harmonies that Echo and The Bunnymen  have made a career out of. 

"Get Us Home" has the feeling of an epic of the variety that Ennio Morricone produced and I can almost see a group of cowboys disappearing into the distance while "Get Us Home" plays in the background. 
This is a really nice track to enjoy on a lazy day in the sun with it's beautiful string arrangements and a kind of one horse town feel to the song.