The So So Glos- Tourism/Terrorism

posted 5 Jan 2010, 06:03 by Harry Cooke
[Green Owl]
Released: 7th December 2009

by Jack Baron

Hailing from Brooklyn and being founder members of the infamous Market Hotel, I expected a dirty, scuzzy guitar fueled rock riot to come blasting back from my stereo speakers when I pressed play. What I actually got sounds more like it had been crafted in a cramped bar somewhere in Camden rather than on the East coast of America.

There's A War has a lazy strummed guitar part and is all over in 31 seconds, not much else to report there really. My Block has a pummeling drum beat with a mixture of delicate, picked, guitar parts and more conventional indie rock strumming and a rather charming xylophone. To be honest it sounds not too dissimilar to any Libertines track from round 2002.

Throw Your Hands Up is a call to the DJ in to play one of the So So Glos tacks on his tunes an if he doesn't they are considering hi-jacking his show to make sure that they get their track on. Musically the track builds and breaks down before building for the chorus and breaking down again straight after. 

Gang vocals dominate this 9 track album which leads to a feeling of community and a gang mentality from 
The So So Glos as well as evoking an image of The Clash or The Buzzcocks at their sing along best

Tourism/Terrorism clocks in at a little over 25 minuets in length which is musically akin to being punched in the stomach by a younger brother with some decent tunes to boot. The So So Glos wear their love of The Clash and Richard Hell clearly on their sleeves and, listening to it, I struggle to believe that they come from Brooklyn when a lot of their sound seems so entwined with London it almost has smog and a Route Master bus hanging off every chord and strike of a drum. Overall a nice album to listen and one that could see them get a decent following this side of the Atlantic.