To Catch A Thief – Curious Tales And Fierce Beasts EP

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urgh quartet To Catch A Thief have toured with plenty of ace bands including York’s own Elliot Minor and on record they display plenty of aggression with some pretty impressive playing chops that they’ve honed on the road. Their heaviness combined with a knack for melody, added to “emotionally charged intensity” (Emo??) has resulted in the Curious Tales And Fierce Beasts. EP

Romesh Dodangoda, who’s previously worked with Kids In Glass Houses and Funeral For A Friendhandled the band and seems to have brought the best out of them. Opener “Honest” is a bit of a stomper that breaks down into the melodic section so loved by Emo bands before bursting into a screaming chorus. Decent stuff.

“Not Guilty” comes over all Fallout Boy-ish but with a much harder edge, the intricate riffing being impressive and effortless at the same time. “The Hunted” starts with some screaming guitars then breaks down into yet another quiet part before breaking out again - a good trick that usually works for most bands of this type. 

“Overture” kicks in and settles into a similar way of working – a build up, then a slightly gentle bit before the big chorus. Job done.

Closing track “1000 Miles Away” starts off as a ballad before – you guessed it – getting stuck into the rock action. This is not necessarily a bad thing - they do this extremely well, particularly because they don’t resort to over the top screaming. There is proper singing on this record!

A good set of tunes on the whole, and the band certainly hold there own against similar, more established acts.


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