Twinkranes - Spektrumtheatresnakes

posted 23 Nov 2009, 07:52 by Harry Cooke
[Twisted Nerve]
Released: 2nd November 2009 

by Jack Baron

My oh my, isn't Krautrock making a bit of a come back. A whole series dedicated to it on BBC 4 a few weeks ago as well as bands citing the genre as an influence. Twinkranes wear their influences clearly on their sleeves on "Spektrumtheatresnakes", the bands debut album.

Scuzzy, dirty beats feature heavily over soaring synths and a pulsating bass line on "Fiz nor Feedback" as the lyrics talk about the desire to be back out touring. The piano in the bridge sounds like it's taken from a piano concerto displaying the bands love of prog (still to find out if they play surrounded by clouds of dry ice though). This is the Twinkranes at their most dance orientated, the bass line has me dancing in my seat as I write this as the track builds then breaks down before building back to an previously unsought high whilst still displaying good use of synths that are so associated with the much mentioned Krautrock.

"The Charmer" sounds like a bit of a mess until what appears to be a Dr Who sample kicks in and then goes off again on a Korg associated tangent and coming to a rather abrupt ending and at just over three minutes in length it clocks in as the shortest track here by some distance.

Punchy and rather sinister are words that fit nicely with "Put Up A light". The rattle of a snare drum punches its way through the track accompanied by the drone of tape looped bagpipes. 

When all is said and done this is a good debut album that fuses many influences to create a sound thats truely individual to the band and uplifting to the listener.