Vowels - Two Wires

posted 5 Nov 2009, 05:02 by Harry Cooke
Released: 19th October 2009 

by Simon Micklethwaite

 is the new project from remixer James Rutledge who has re-patterned tracks from bands such as The Kills and MGMT, and Chris Warmsley, formerly of Broadcast

"Two Wires", the first single to be taken from their album "Pattern Prism" takes its cue from Kraut-rock via Evil Heat-era Primal Scream and draws a thread into a web of skimming pop meanderings. It is at once gentle yet spiky; the beats pulse aquatic, guiding bleeps and organ-like tones - schools of coral-hued fish darting across the beam of a divers torch. Here be monsters more Disney than dinosaur. Noise and clatter is rendered in technocolour synthesis, each part a child, tumbling and somersaulting, eager to impress.

"On Up" is an airbound evolution; a thousand birds wheel and shiver through the trees. Disparate and self-concerned at first, they group and separate hesitantly, then charge as one to the horizon. This motion is repeated with variances. There is a whimsical thrust to both tracks here; the appropriation of its above-mentioned influences shows how a vale of light can be cast in the mould of a warren of caves. There is little density or combative structure. This makes the affair somewhat flimsy in places, yet we are always reminded of the cats eyes in a dark road by the mechanical stamp of the bassier tones.