Wall Street Riots - One More Ride

posted 17 Aug 2009, 04:07 by The Editor
Opening up with screeching guitar feedback, Wall Street Riots’ latest single "One More Ride", quickly descends into a pop punk song complete with repetitive ‘da-da-da-da-da-da’ vocals layered over catchy guitar riffs. Singer Charlie Cosser’s high pitched, overtly Americanised vocal style, betrays a striking similarity to Steve Ludwin’s of the now defunct, 1990s pop-rock band Carrie. With the band members citing diverse musical tastes which include Poison the Well, Refused, Lily Allen and Biffy Clyro, the blandness of this track is somewhat disappointing.

The guitar riffs are certainly catchy, if a little unimaginative, the vocals are powerful, and the song is fused with pop-punk energy, however, "One More Ride" offers little in way of originality and does nothing to uphold the ‘riotous’ reputation afforded to Wall Street Riots’ live shows. The potentially emotive lyrical quality of lines such as ‘Every time you look into my eyes I break down’ gets lost amidst the punchy, pop-power that punctuates this track. A little less catchiness and a little more feeling would definitely benefit "One More Ride" and perhaps help to satisfy some of the expectations they set up by citing such strong bands amongst their musical tastes.

The single also features a remix by Ian Watkins of LostProphets under the guise of his L’Amour la Morgue side project. The remix offers an electronic reinvention of the track complete with dance beats, synths and the occasional electro voice effect. This innovative reinterpretation gives the song a whole new dimension; however, at 7 minutes and 47 seconds in length, it does become a little repetitive.


Vicky Millar

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