We The Kings – Heaven Can Wait

posted 10 Mar 2010, 10:50 by Joe Richardson

[Virgin Records]

Released: 1st March 2010

By Fred Palmer


Heaven Can Wait, the latest single from Florida’s We The Kings (whose album “Smile Kid” will follow on March 8th), more than anything reflects the music of Owl City, another band fresh from America whose single “Fireflies” continues to dominate the British charts. Following considerable hype from the band’s passionate fanbase, “Heaven Can Waitseems at first to have equal potential of topping the charts, with its poppy electronic melodies and snappy beat immediately drawing us in and preparing us for another addictive, toe-tapping hit.


However, as soon as frontman Travis Clark’s indistinctive whiny vocals kick in, along with some overly twee lyrics (“Lay your heart next to mine/I feel so alive/Tell me you want me to stay/ Forever ‘cos heaven can wait”), it is clear that We The Kings are a long way from pop royalty. That’s not to say they are completely without appeal, merely that they lack originality and depth. This latest single ultimately presents itself as the kind of quirky, jaunty track you might expect to hear within the trailer for a romantic comedy. A pleasant melody to hear in the background but one that really ought to stay in the background.


All in all, Heaven Can Wait is by no means a terrible track. It’s catchy, uplifting, energetic...yet forgettable. Indeed, despite clearly possessing an abundance of talent and charm, We The Kings struggle to appear fresh and unique amid the masses of similar bands that continue to blow in from across the pond. However, this Florida quartet displays plenty of potential and is certainly worth keeping an eye on. With luck, they will one day fully establish their own unique sound. Until then, Heaven Can Wait and so can we.