White Belt Yellow Tag – Always and Echoes

posted 8 Apr 2010, 02:11 by Joe Richardson   [ updated 8 Apr 2010, 02:14 ]

[Distiller Records]

Released: 29th March 2010


by T. McGee


In anticipation of the release of their debut album Methods on 5th April, White Belt Yellow Tag unveil Always & Echoes, an impressive 4-track EP that more than adequately showcases their uniquely morose and strangely captivating sound.


The first track, Always & Echoes, from which the EP takes its name, is definitely the strongest of the four, displaying a raw passion and poetic craftsmanship that is reminiscent of Doves and Editors. The lyrics, which speak of the tortuous mundaneness of everyday life and the joyous escapism offered by romance and passion are delivered with a confident, yet sensibly restrained vocal performance, while the belting guitar riffs and thunderous drum beats infuse the track with frenzied energy and morose lethargy in equal measure.


The following tracks, Postcards and You Have No Friends are also impressive and, while they may possess slightly less vigour than the title track, they maintain the same appealing tone and pace. The final track, We All Have Sound (Rhysmix Vs Wahs Mix) adds a little extra variety to the EP, combining the band’s melancholy sound with a snappy club beat resulting in a melody that comes across as oddly catchy, if a little out of place.


All in all, Always & Echoes provides an impressive taste of what White Belt Yellow Tag are all about. A band that clearly wears its influences on its sleeve – to the extent that they at times sound a little too similar to their cohorts – WBYT nevertheless possess for the most part an ability to stand out from the crowd. With a likeable sound, passionate performers and an abundance of talent, this EP is clearly just the beginning. White Belt Yellow Tag could well go on to big things.